What We Do

We get asked quite often what type of work we do. Short Answer – Anything creative with a lens.

We have our proven solutions we provide on a daily basis but we are always pushing the envelope using technology to expand photography and videography to new levels of creativity.

We began playing with 360 technology and found products that allowed us to develop very large tours. Then we thought, can we take this to the air with our UAV (drone)? Sure enough we developed a process to provide large aerial tours like www.TourLagoVista.com

You never know what we might think of next and if you have an idea of something you would like to see we would be happy to discuss it with you and find a method to provide it for you.

how we work

Quality Services and Product

When performing a session we take special care to ensure the end product will be something special. Every photograph, video, and audio file is reviewed to ensure we always produce high quality products.


The founder of our company is a technologist who loves photography. A large part of our business is taking new technology and developing solutions to be creative with our services.

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All aerial flights are conducted by Insured FAA Certified UAV (Drone) Pilots